SAKALA's Mission

Sakala serves as Cite Soleil’s only youth community center, to develop children and young adults through athletics, agronomy, and education.  Founded as a Pax Christi peacebuilding project, Sakala builds people of courage and character, to strengthen the families and communities of Cite Soleil.


SAKALA's Vision

Sakala works to the future where every child of Cite Soleil can join positive groups and programs, readily and freely available.  We see a future where each of these children chooses a peaceful alternative to armed groups and violence.  Sakala seeks to inspire the 150,000 children of Cite Soleil, in a way that one day a new Cite Soleil will inspire a new Haiti.


Our Values

Encouragement   Integrity   Peaceful Resolution   Commitment   Service


Mission Impact

Our results in serving the people of Cite Soleil [download Annual Report FY2017 here]:

SAKALA serves 250 members (ages 4-25) and 350 total participants (ages 4-25) at our single location in Cite Soleil.  SAKALA benefits from over 100 volunteers, and hosts three external community events per week.


SAKALA After School Program (drop-in): 250 members @ 3 hours per day (including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, ping-pong, gardening, computer learning center, library), 12 total hours available each day of the week

Launching Agro miro-businesses: 100 young adults earn business skills and experience

Educational Scholarship: 160 beneficiaries (school supplies: 250 beneficiaries)

English Class: 20 young adults ages 15-25 years

Digital Plantain computer literacy program: 7 schools involved with 140 children total @ 2 hours per week

Day Camps: 300 youth @ 2 months (including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, American football, ping-pong, gardening, computer learning center, library)

Soccer Camps: 250 youth @ 11 months

Outdoor Fieldtrips: 200 hours per year (1 group of 30 participants per trip)

Inyon Espotif Kleb (IEK) soccer teams: 4 boys teams = 100 members; 1 girls team = 25 members @ 2 practices per week and 3 games per month

Corps du Moniteur leadership/internship program: 20 young adults ages 16-25

Art programs and internship: 5 youth and young adults @ 10 hours per week

Agronomy internships: 10 college students @ 40 hours per week (July-Sept)

Health/sexual education classes: 30 students @ 1 class per month

Hosting community classes/events: 3 groups per week (ie. boy scouts, school groups, church groups)

Economic Development for Youth (EDEYO): 10 members @ 2 weeks initial training and 1 meeting per week

Volunteers: 100 volunteers total (including 7 coaches, 30 Konbit garden volunteers, arts, classes, tutors, cooking, maintenance)