provides a safe space in the heart of Haiti's largest underdeveloped area, where youth come together to grow, learn, and play.

Saint Mary's

Saint Mary's High School in Berkeley, California has returned to SAKALA year after year, bringing students eager to help out in the gardens and with the children. Your school, family, or you can help too! Send SAKALA a message about how you'd like to help by clicking here.

Our Team

Comprised of full-time SAKALA employees and dozens of volunteers, our great team has helped unite thousands of boys and girls of Cite Soleil. Most recently, volunteers have helped with the "sports for peace" program, playing football to bring together those otherwise distanced.


Jane's Story

Jane's first trip to SAKALA came in 2010, when she first met two young girls working our garden. The friendship she built as an American with the two Haitian girls has remained strong after five years. Jane returns every year to volunteer her time and to visit her friends.

Sports for Peace

“While information about fugitives taking control of the neighborhood and terrorizing the population intimidates NGOs from coming inside Cite Soleil, our on-going sports activities with the children have brought evidence to NGOs and governments of the needs of this neighborhood. They should rid their minds of the pretext of violence in Cite Soleil that enables them to forget about the people here in their relief and development activities.”
— Daniel Tillias, Board Chairman

SAKALA's Community Garden

Our garden helps participants to imagine and enact greener realities in Cite Soleil, as well as to offer a fuller picture of life to the neighborhood's observers.  It opens a space where youth and their families can build a new image of who they are and what they have to offer Haiti.

Our New Computer Learning Center


SAKALA's computers have just been updated with several MacBook Pro's and iPads, equipped with Rosetta Stone for learning read, write, and speak English.  This lab helps to open the entire world to our participants, and fosters a familiarity with technology so necessary for future job opportunities. 



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