SAKALA in the News

"Creating an Oasis of Hope in One of Haiti’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods" by CNN, video and article on SAKALA’s Daniel Tillias winning CNN Heroes Award

"Urban Oasis Offers Hope to Haiti's Poorest" by CNN, videos and stories on SAKALA’s Jaden Tap Tap

"Bringing Beauty to Haiti's No-Go Slum" by BBC, podcast interview with SAKALA's Daniel Tillias

"Cite Soleil: Sun, Dust, and Hope" by Pax Christi, 22 minute film chosen for 5th Annual New York Peace Film Festival and the Idaho Justice Story Festival 2012

"Haiti slum blooms into urban oasis" by The Guardian

"Haiti Social: Cite Soleil is Not Red" by Haiti Libre

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"EcoAlertRadio: Interview from Citi Soleil, Haiti with Bochika’s Ann Marie & Pax Christi Ayiti’s Daniel Tillias for Jaden Tap Tap- LISTEN Operation Green Leaves with Nadine Patrice" radio segment by Bochika

"Congrats & Bon Voyage to Daniel Tillias, SAKALA (Pax Christi Ayiti)- Traveling to Austria as an “Architect of the Future" by Bochika

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