Education at SAKALA

At SAKALA, we recognize that in order to provide hope and opportunity to the neighborhood youth, they must have help accessing education.  We have four adult “education monitors” on staff that offer after-school homework help and tutoring to prepare for state exams as well as serve as a bridge between teachers and parents.  Older kids in the program also help younger kids with homework to give a better sense of support.  This extra support is especially important when parents are unable to help with schoolwork because they did not attend school themselves. 

Through a partnership with the Global Fund for Children, we pay school fees for 160 local youth. Other activities include educational workshops of all kinds, for which we work with a variety of partners.  We have also completed construction of a large building that houses an auditorium, classroom, library, atelier, and information technology center.  The exterior wall of this building contains a “Wall of Dreams,” where young people write their future career ambitions, and find visible affirmation to help them reach their dreams.