Athletics at SAKALA

The United Nations, FIFA, and other international stakeholders acknowledge that soccer and other sports are excellent vehicles for community development. The SAKALA sports program draws more than 250 youth from across Cite Soleil to participate in a range of recreational activities that promote peace building, social integration and community engagement. Games, tournaments and other sports events serve as a platform for SAKALA to showcase our community development initiatives to rally support from its youth and community members. Players and coaches are charged with leading community development projects and proudly display peace building messaging across their game uniforms during tournaments and games.  We currently have 4 boys and 1 girls soccer team, as well as intramural volleyball, basketball, baseball, and ping-pong. Activities clubs include dance, bridge, and chess.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti and at SAKALA.  SAKALA’s Inyon (United) Futbol Club, comprised of boys and girls teams aged 12-17, draw as many as 500 people to watch their tournaments and games.  Inyon FC leads community service projects, including the collection of a small insurance fund, neighborhood clean-up projects, senior citizen assistance, and water distribution post-earthquake.  Inyon FC has also lead campaigns to promote peacebuilding and raise awareness for public concerns, by hosting soccer tournaments and friendly matches infused with themes of community wellness.  Inyon FC also provides the volunteer workforce to cultivate SAKALA’s Jaden Tap Tap garden.