SAKALA's Facilities

SAKALA is fortunate to have some of the finest community center facilities in all of Haiti.

SAKALA's facilities comprise of two adjoining land lots, with one including the athletics court and all buildings, and the other, the garden.



Our athletics facilities include one large asphalt futsal (indoor soccer) court with goals, with equipment for both basketball and volleyball options.  The court was recently refinished by Kako’s Kids, with lines for soccer, volleyball, basketball, and running— thanks Kako! Other facilities include showers and equipment storage buildings.


Our Jaden (garden) Tap Tap comprises one acre of green oasis, and includes areas for outdoor teaching, a large shade-house, an art shed, and storage areas.  If only all former landfills looked this good. 


Our education auditorium can hold up to 100 people, or multiple Ping-Pong tables.  A small integrated conference space adjoins the auditorium.  Other facilities include: Cite Soleil's only public library (with English, French, and Creole books), a computer laboratory with 10 stations, an administration office, a kitchen, storage areas, and a dorm.