Want to help?

Here are some projects where we need it most

1. Long-term volunteer: come down to establish the SAKALA RaRa Band!  We need instruments and teachers who can lead a band for athletics activities and community parades.  It doesn't have to be world-class, just something that can unite the community.

2. Short-term volunteer team: come down to finish our guesthouse! (we really need some help doing this).  If you know of any folks with some construction expertise, please let them know.  This would involve removing the current 4ft walls of mortarless block wall that was left unfinished, and replacing with standard re-bar/block/mortar walls (you would have to either find funding for the materials, or purchase them directly one of the high-quality materials superstores in Port-au-Prince).  It is approximately 20ft x 30ft in size, on the second story above our kitchen and  storage rooms.  We can provide all the free labor that you can handle.

3. Long-term volunteer: come down to establish the SAKALA Marathons for Peace program!  We need someone who can develop and lead a small-scale road-running program, to include monthly/quarterly races through Cite Soleil, to showcase the hidden beauty of the area.

4. Long-term volunteer team: come down to establish and lead the SAKALA Haitian Solidarity Games, a nation-wide community games tournament to promote Haitians living together in peace.

5. Short-term volunteers: come down to work in the Jaden Tap Tap, Haiti's largest urban garden!  We need help in developing our waste-to-compost program, establishing/holding agronomy classes, selling produce in a farmer's market, and upgrading our facilities to increase production.

6. Short-term volunteers: come down to work in our education programs, to help establish financial self-sustainability for our school scholarships!  We need help in developing our jewelry-making and art program, and our sales of tire furniture and shoes (aimed at SAKALA visitors).

7. Big-time construction volunteers: we need lots of help to develop SAKALA's facilities, to meet some of our great new program goals.  Come help us reach the youth of Cite Soleil!

showers: develop current showers to higher standard for visiting teams/volunteers

tennis: develop court

guesthouse: complete room to house visiting teams/volunteers

athletics court: develop to include scoreboard, barriers, concrete margins, seating

painting: re-accomplish full facility painting

library: develop barrier from office activities

water: independence through well water

electricity: independence through generator, upgrade invertor/battery/solar system for more capacity

sanitation: office toilets

kitchen: upgrading facilities to accommodate visiting teams/volunteers

baseball: develop field in outlaying area

futsal: develop 5 courts in outlaying area

play field: more sports infrastructure with the vision of multi-sport facility, able to host tournaments as well as the people attending tournament